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All About Vegan Subscription Boxes

petit vour vegan boxIn this article, we will discuss vegan subscription boxes, and what makes them so fantastic. Subscribing to a vegan box is when you choose a company to subscribe to, and then usually once a month, a box filled with vegan goodies comes directly to your door.

When you receive your vegan subscription box, you will generally open it to find delicious vegan treats, beauty products you can feel good about using, spa items, and much more. So what vegan boxes should you subscribe to?

The first vegan subscription box you should try is the Vegan Cuts Snacks Box. Vegan Cuts has also come out with a vegan subscription box with beauty products within it, called Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. Each box comes to you once a month, for only $19.99 per month. Within the Snacks Box, you will have new and delicious vegan snacks delivered to you, and from time to time, a lifestyle product will be slipped in as well.

The next vegan subscription box we will mention is Petit Vour. This subscription box contains awesome lifestyle and beauty products for the vegan lady. In each box delivered to you (once a month), you will receive four or five samples that you can enjoy. The subscription itself is only $15.00 per month. How can you beat that?

The third and last vegan subscription box we will mention is the Conscious Vegan Box. This box is also only $19.99 per month. Each month, you will receive a box filled to the brim with samples of products, ranging from beauty to food, and beyond. While the boxes are mostly centered around samples, occasionally you will find a full-size product for your enjoyment.

In conclusion, if you are a follower of the vegan lifestyle, you can’t beat having a vegan subscription box sent right to your door. And don’t worry that you need to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy these boxes. If you want to try one of these boxes, subscribe today. You won’t regret it!